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That’s my JellyBean!

Welcome to the Show! You’ve discovered the ultimate jellybean, now it’s time to rally your turrets as you hold back the onslaught from those that want it’s divine power.

Ice Flows

An educational game developed in partnership with InHouse Visuals and the University of Exeter for the NERC to help teach children about the means of which ice flows in the Antarctic region, using real data and an approximate scientific simulation.

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Questionable Experiments

Various experiments and game jams to flex our creative sides.

What We Do

At Questionable Quality we’re big on gamification: taking games technology and design to produce more engaging content for education, visualisation, marketing, and more. Internally we love making development tools and quirky experiences. Some might say we’re the best…maybe.


Matt Norman

Our lord and saviour (and the guy who wrote these descriptions). Matt spends his time writing documents no one reads, doing business stuff no one understands (himself included) and moaning about deadlines and burn-down. Sometimes we have to let him out of his cage to do some design and programming.


Emmy Baker

As the newest member of our team, Emmy brings a pantheon of pastels, a gaggle of ghoul girls, and a weird, wonderful way about her. With a touch of colour that goes bump in the night, fears re-imagined but with less of a fright – she’s our own in-house ghoul and she’s quite the delight!


Alice Kensington

The in-house artist, a creative conundrum, the more we learn the more we fear. When she starts flexing her innovative muscles the water starts to darken and the light starts to fade, if her art wasn’t so awesome we’d look for help. Her influence slowly spreads as the company gradually slips into the void.


Jason Vaitilingon

When he’s not confusing people trying to read his surname, he’s usually fallen down a tech well making complex systems no one understands, but seem to do really cool stuff. When he’s not programming you’ll find him shouting at Matt for making something look ugly (he can be mean).

Pokémon Go: A New Generation of Trainer

19th July 2016
Alice 'n' Pals Poke Go Thumb

Alice looks at her likely addiction to the Pokemon Go craze.

Getting Technical: How to Program a Jellybean!

4th December 2015
shit code feature

The basics of the architecture we are using for programming That's My Jellybean!

Where’s the context for being weird?

4th December 2015
jellybean feature

How we decided on our art and theme style.


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