Announcing: Questionable Quests!

Happy New Year everyone! We hope 2017 has been good to you so far. Here’s a little blog post regarding the state of streaming from Questionable Quality. A reminder before we get into things that you can find us on twitch at CantGetOurName.

First up: our apologies for how little we’ve been streaming in recent times; the holiday season brought an onslaught of finishing work plus time off and we didn’t have any time to stream in the fray. In contrast, January has been quite slow in the yearly reboot, little interesting has come up to streams. As we get back into the swing of things we’ll start to stream more so you can get an insight to our art and/or code- and perhaps we’ll have one of the others stream too so poor old Alice can have a break (this is totally not Alice typing I promise).

But next Tuesday we have something special, a series as it were, and it’s going to be a hilarious, emotional, party (you’ll get that pun in a minute). If you follow our twitter (@cantgetourname) then you might have seen a tweet or two about our Dungeons & Dragons sessions, or retweets of art of the player characters. We hope you liked our fictional children, because you’ll be seeing a whole lot more of them…

Announcing Questionable Quests, a streamed D&D campaign with a completely original story, five player characters (plus child), and a whole lotta hijinx. In the world of Canvas, our questionable heroes seek down cleric-gone-evil Raspian and the dubiously kidnapped Princess Velera. We’ve stolen an airship, fought off monks who blew up our airship, adopted a child, robbed a shop using said child, raised the dead into a boyband, fought off aqueduct pirates, been ambushed in a haunted cabaret club, killed the child and brought that child back to life… Who are we, you ask? The Siren’s Song, and we’re the saviours of Canvas!

Quests will be once every two weeks starting from next Tuesday, starting at 6pm UTC. We’ve listed our lineup and a little information for you below. We hope to see you there!


<i  class="x-icon x-icon-" data-x-icon-s="" aria-hidden="true"></i> AlAlphonse VidaHuman Cleric
Player – Matt (@Normower)
Height – 5′ 9″

As one of the few clerics of Canvas, Alphonse is renowned for his practice in holy magic and his devotion to the god Orsarsis (the Baker). Raised by the church and trained in both religion and medicine, Alphonse is highly adept at keeping people breathing in a tough situation. Al joined the King’s Crows- royalty’s special ops team- to ensure the safety of Princess Elysia on her missions with her team. He’s relatively quirky and often gets into situations that cause others *coughcaspiancough* dismay, such as asking the undead how their dancing skills are.

Since departing on their quest, Alphonse has done a good job in keeping the party alive, annoying Caspian, and starting an undead boyband. He recently revealed that he could fully revive people, bringing Bucket back from death; this was highly impressive. Despite being a bit of a character, Alphonse is legitimately a vital member of the party.


<i  class="x-icon x-icon-" data-x-icon-s="" aria-hidden="true"></i> CasCaspian BeaumontGenasi Bard
Player – Alice (@Rainbowjammed)
Age – 27
Height – 6′ 4″

Sky-blue skin sparkles in the light with a wet glaze, hair flowing like a still splash of water, neon blue lines glow from his cheeks, disappearing into lilac scales, webbed ears… The carefree, charismatic Caspian is a beautiful sight and he more than anyone else knows that, using it to his advantage. Deceptive, manipulative and vain, a young Caspian disposed of nanny after nanny, his mother too busy to teach him how to share, to avoid the spoilt, selfish man that resulted. Caspian grew into a performer, using the spotlight to earn the love- and more importantly, lust– of any person he saw fit.

But that lust hit him in the teeth. Whilst departing on their quest, a rather angry, soaked woman deposited a small genasi child in front of the man and promptly left. The child leaked a lot, seemingly an infinite source of water, so Caspian named the child Bucket and proceeded to use him to rob a store. Recently Bucket was killed in combat, promptly revived by Alphonse; this event has finally caused Caspian to rethink his ways.

In addition is his son, Bucket Beaumont, a small, chubby genasi child, Bucket is an adorable catastrophe of an existence. After flooding multiple homes and ruining his mother’s life with never-ending drool and bed-wetting that could drown the family pet, she abandoned him with his father at the first chance she could. Bucket didn’t seem too phased with this. He’s a little dim as all toddlers are, but his lovable nature makes up for it. He accepted Caspian as a dad surprisingly well, and so far has seen… questionably PG things. Recently he died as an accident of battle, being revived by Alphonse, using a part of Caspian’s soul in the process.


[Icon] OphOpheliya Lerissa Tiefling Rouge
Player – Emmy (@Ghoulkiss)
Age – 28
Height – 6′ 0″

If you want a Rouge that can get the job done, you better have the money to pay for it. A lot of money. Raised a-la Oliver Twist, Opheliya learnt her way on the street. Pick-pocketing eventually become robbing, which as she grew became assassination, running operations. In her mid-twenties, Opheliya went her own way and began her own underground ring of mercenaries, taking on jobs. She’s the epitome of ‘don’t trust the quiet ones’, preferring to talk less and speak with her arrows instead- not that she won’t occasionally snark a person down a notch. She may be expensive, but you’ll get your money’s worth.

Opheliya joined the party later on, hired by Princess Elysia. After the long debacle of how much she was being paid, they set off into the world. After basically taking down a Banshee by herself, Opheliya recently became one magical cloak and a cabaret club richer.


[Icon] DunbedDunbed BraidbeardDwarf Fighter
Player – Will (@tshsmith)
Age – 120
Height – 4′ 5″

The Braidbeards are a very well-known family in Canvas, their casino chain being one of the largest in the land; if it’s a Braidbeard casino, it’s large, bright, and going to rob you poor. If you encounter a Braidbeard, they’re probably drunk, and they’re either gamblin’ or fightin’. Dunbed is no exception to his legacy, one of his first actions with the team being to headbutt Alphonse very hard in the crotch; first impressions do in fact matter, no one having messed with him since. He’s off making money for himself these days, currently doing mercenary jobs for Opheliya.

Dunbed joined the party with his boss and Aldric, promptly getting into a fight with the Crows. He tracks along with the crew, occasionally punching something or drinking. a lot. So much so that his soul was actually wobbling, although luckily only Alphonse saw this.


<i  class="x-icon x-icon-" data-x-icon-s="" aria-hidden="true"></i> AldAldric Ryol Human Warlock
Player – Stripes (@Pinstripes)
Age – 30
Height – 6′ 2″

Aldric is… a weird one. First appearing to the party greasy-haired and unkempt, the quiet man seemed almost confused. As the third born son of the famous and extremely magic-orientated Ryol family, Aldric was unfortunately born with little-to-no magical ability. Everything included, this caused Aldric to contact his patron- an eldritch being- that took over his body, possessing him for ten whole years. To top that, Aldric remembers none of it, waking up ten years later with no clue and really in need of a bath. Luckily he’d since aquired a ring that prevents his patron from locating him, allowing Aldric to walk freely without losing control.

Aldric appeared as a contact of Opheliya’s, joining the crew as a paid mercenary and magical hand. Aldric’s cast a few spells and nearly died since he joined, and sadly has yet to find a bathtub. Soon, you poor man… soon.


[Icon] Jasonthe Dungeon Master
Player – Jason (@JVaity)
Height unknown

The Dungeon Master (DM for short) is a horrifying being, said to wear a large black cloak. Some say he’s simply a mortal being like us, some say he he’s an eldritch nightmare, some even say he has a D20 for a head. No one knows for sure, but he’s not a force to be trifled with; the DM can summon literally anything with a few words, can kill off even the hardest of warriors, can reduce the strongest minds to tears within seconds. He has no fear, no shame, and no moral code, and he is and always shall be in charge. nolens volens, Long Live the DM.


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