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That’s My Jellybean! is a Tower Defence Game, set in a child’s play theatre. You have obtained those sweet sweet Jellybeans, now everyone and their fish want them from you, but it’ll be a cold day in hell before you let that happen. Arm up, strap in, it’s gonna get weird, by the end of the day they’ll know “That’s My Jellybean!”.


Originally a student project, we designed a super serious, hardcore and gritty tower defence game which we all hated. So out of that failure That's My Jellybean! was born. Then left for 2 years while we went and got some industry experience we came back raise it from the ashes and make an actual product, not just a broken tech demo.


  • Dynamic gameplay! Improvs create add and change gameplay mechanics as you play.
  • Get stuck in! Turrets consume ammo and require you to constantly interact with the game.
  • Balance the books! Turrets cost money, killing earns it, go broke and its all over.
  • Quality over quantity! Enemies and Turrets all provide unique mechanics.
  • We love getting weird! The world and characters are oozing with charm.


That's My Super Early Teaser Trailer YouTube


download all screenshots & photos as .zip (7MB)


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At Questionable Quality we’re big on gamification: taking games technology and design to produce more engaging content for education, visualisation, marketing, and more. Internally we love making development tools and quirky experiences. Some might say we’re the best...maybe.

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That's My Jellybean! Credits

Matt Norman
Project Lead, Questionable Quality

Jason Vaitilingon
Lead Programmer, Questionable Quality

Richard Simpson
Programmer, Questionable Quality

Alice Kensington
Artist, Questionable Quality

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